Network Security

Secure IT

Data assets

to ensure business service continuity and confidence from stakeholders within and outside of your organization.

Protect your organisation

Data sensitivity and importance often drive the needs of installing security measures to protect and mitigate potential risks of malicious attacks. But it is also the costly downtime, loss of revenues and most importantly, the trusts and confidence of stakeholders, partners and customers that further justify and encourage businesses to take an proactive approach to protect their organisation.

At Alphabase, we care about your security. We help you:


  • Assess vulnerability and develop plan to mitigate risks and defend against malicious attacks and loss before it happens.



  • Protect your assets through thorough protective processes and procedures.



  • Identify an attack or breach, contains the damages and restores the integrity of the system.



  • Be prepared to recover from disruption of security from malicious attacks from outside or within organisation to natural disaster



Protect users, applications & data

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